Inspiration – Where Does it Come From and How? Part 2 (Real Life Post)

Yesterday I wrote a bit about some of my thoughts regarding inspiration and how to trigger it. I really do believe it can become a state you call forth at will.

But before it is that, what can you do to create more inspiration?

First off, buy a notebook you can carry with you. I think there is something special between the brain, hand and paper, beneficial to inspiration in a way you cannot achieve typing it into your smartphone. After that, begin to write down everything you feel like writing down. For me it has been snippets of poetry, names, quotes, stuff people say, scenes I see, ideas I get for books, short stories, poetry or just plain fun stuff. Later on you can always leaf through this notebook and it will most certainly spark inspiration because you pick up on how inspired you felt when writing it down.

Right but inspiration doesn’t just happen by itself. Right? It’s true, you need to expose yourself to the world in order to find it. You need input in order to be able to output.

In other words:

  • Read
  • Watch series
  • Learn things (I’m reading about the Celts and Ancient Egypt at the moment)
  • Go places even if it’s just the forest behind the house
  • Talk to people (I’m an introvert but I manage some of this)
  • Read the news
  • Read up on other countries and Google for images, if you can’t go there 

These are just a few things I came up with last year when I had a course in creative writing for teenagers. It’s true that as a writer you come up with an entirely new world, which you create from inside your head. But in order to do this, I think, you need to draw on things you experience.


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